The Will To Power

The age old pursuit of good ol willpower. What is it really? Is it The Phresh Prince of Bel-Air’s power to be the coolest cat? Na I think not, but its very close though… What do Odysseus and David Blaine have in common? How is it that Olympian athletes manage to put their bodies in such stressed situations continuously? The answer I believe is in willpower.

The infectious resolve that makes one overcome uncomfortable situations. The mother that perseveres countless hours of paperwork and the like for an absentminded boss that never appreciates her. Willpower seems to be linked to reason, drive. What makes you burn inside, enough to complete that last workout or finish up that project you’ve been putting off all day? ;) It is also the power to say no. To say no, you must have a deeper yes inside, a reminder of why you are doing what you are doing.

So it would seem willpower has a direct link to desire. So in order to increase willpower, identify what it is you desire in this life. Who do you desire to be? What do you desire to see? What can really fill those needs? You can, you can indeed…

So in conclusion, my dear friends the will to power is deep within us at our sensitive core “always and forever, each moment with you, is just like a dream to me that somehow came true.” (shout out to Heatwave) Will to Power!