Wealth is Boring. Don’t Waste Your Time.

I can’t say I’m a wealthy man. I’m certainly not an old man. Some still call me “boy”. Others call my generation entitled. From here on out, just call me Evan.

Life is like a Box of Chocolates AND since it’s 2017, you can order the box you want.

“I may not be an old man, but I know what wealth is.” — Evan

Wealth is boring. Wealth looks like a bunch of numbers crammed into your $100 yearly subscription to Office 365. Building the perfect spreadsheet will make you feel like the ‘Super Nerd’ you never wanted to be.

  • Fielding ground ⚾️ is boring.
  • Shooting 🏀 free throws is boring.
  • 📚 Studying is boring!

All the champions of anything did the boring things. We praise sports heroes for their willingness to do the boring things a million times. The task your friends get bored with can often be your spot to shine. Recognize it, read/listen to a book about it, and get after it!

Don’t waste your time. Am I the first person to share this advice? I didn’t think so. The lack of gray hair on my head or battle scars on my chest are to blame. This mantra among others could teach us the key to financial prosperity.

  • Time is not 💰
  • 🤷‍♂️ Time is Time 🤷‍♂️
  • 😎 Time to finish this post

Time is a multiplier. Multiply 🥔 by time and you get a moldy potatoe. The same thing happens with so many things. Damn life sustaining elements. When you get the chance Google “compound interest” or “investing early vs late” you need to see the different time makes.

Main Take Away

We praise people who do the boring things and later succeed. Let’s be boring!

Time is a multiplier of what you do. Make sure to multiply the right things daily.