Should I give up on this? This is the question i consistently asked myself as i organized for our last visit, to Ark Children’s Home in Thika, it had come down to less than ten people who were available for the visit, the contributions were close to none and i kept questioning whether i was doing the right thing or not.

It’s not anyone’s fault to be an orphan, we don’t choose where we are born and who our parents are, (thank God if you are reading this post and have a good family, you didn’t pay anything for you to be born there.).This statement is the only thing that kept me going.

Having done close to five other visits to children’s Homes, i couldn’t understand why guys weren’t so motivated for this one. Dealing with people about a charity event isn’t a walk in the park , just throw a party and you will be amused at the turnout.

Back to Ark Children’s Home, so after so much questioning it finally happened. Less support, finances, people ,but who said it will be all rosy, I learnt to be more understanding,patient, reasonable and look at the thought behind everything than the actual thing, and in all orphans and widows belong to God and He will always find a way to help them in all possible ways. There are no impossibilities to Him.

Am stronger and more encouraged for our next visit, it will be bigger and better, St. Mathew’s Children’s Home, Kahawa West, 19th March 2017, save the date and join us.

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