Hotel Room Descriptions — How honest should you be?

In this article I will talk about how to describe and sell that “problem room”

When it comes to describing where a person is going to stay for the next 24 hours to weeks at a time, the guest would say it is extremely important to list every nuance of the room’s amenities and problems it may have.

You may afraid your guests are going to go elsewhere if they’re unable to get a scenic view for the lowest price, but this is untrue for most people.

The reason they are looking at your hotel is to find a room at a price in their budget with the best features. Let them make the decision about what room they want to stay in, you would be surprised how many people will take you up on a discount for your “problem” room.

So how do you go about describing a room in a way that doesn’t make people run screaming from your website in utter distress? Read below some problem areas a room might face and the do’s and dont’s of describing rooms.


Bathrooms can cause a lot of problems if they are not described accurately. When it comes to bathrooms, the first step is to understand the exact term for the type of bathroom your hotel room has. Below are different bathroom types and their definitions.

En-Suite Shower Room or Bathroom

A shower room is a bathroom with only a shower cubicle and no bathtub. This is a very common type and doesn’t need much explanation.

Make sure if it has a bath that you list it as a positive feature especially if the room has a separate shower and bath.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

A Jack and Jill bathroom is where the bathroom has two entrances from two, separate rooms. This can be considered a suite where there are two bedrooms, but it can occur in a bed and breakfast where two guests or pairs of guests are staying within two separate rooms, yet they share a bathroom.

For some people such as friends or family this is great, but for others it is an undesirable feature.

Make sure that the explanation of the bathroom is made clear to guests on booking

Shared Bathroom

Shared bathrooms are common in small B&B’s and some small hotels where its impossible to install an en-suite.

Guests today really dislike the fact that they must leave their room to go to the toilet in the night or take a shower in the morning. They also dislike sharing the facilities with other guests.

Obviously you need to mention to guests about these types of rooms, while highly unpopular, with careful description and a good price there will be some people who will book them with pleasure.

Room Locations

Some guests care about a sea view, or any type of pleasant view, while others don't care for a view at all.

It’s worth separating rooms by the viewtype as people are willing to spend a little more to get that sea view

There’s always that one room in a hotel that has a view blocked by trees, bushes, or it’s a very public area and the curtains must always be closed for privacy.

You already know which rooms cause you the most complaints, am I right?

This is an excellent chance to allow that guest browsing your hotel’s website, the opportunity to still enjoy what the hotel has to offer at a discounted price.

Selling rooms like this with advanced warning and a good price will have another effect of limiting bad reviews that the room produces.


To wrap this up, honesty is the best policy when it comes to describing that problem room. Try not to be too brutal as you still need to sell the room.

Also remember that some people book without reading so a follow up email after the booking is made is a great option, these can be automated to save you the hassle.

P.S. If your hotel has 10 rooms which are all sold as Double Rooms and you can allocate guests to whatever room you wish, you will be leaving your problem room till last and then the last person who books will receive it (common problem).

This is a perfect opportunity to create another room type to sell that problem room specifically, thus avoiding much heartache. Depending on the discount you may find it pretty popular!

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