Our perceived biggest weakness is our biggest advantage

The last few years have been funny, I show other entrepreneurs and investors our product and they LOVE it, without blowing my own horn it is classy!


When I tell them I’m working with developers outside of the UK their faces turn white with fear. I hear words like:



How risky….

Even my current early stage investors said these exact words, until I changed their mind on outside developers.

Here are 5 things that make it a distinct advantage over startups that employ developers locally.

  1. Access to the best developers, hiring locally your stuck with a small pool of talent that is currently available. I started the business from a small town in Wales where there was no talent locally.
  2. Cost of hiring remote is much cheaper and often higher quality (in general)
  3. Flexible, I have moved several times around the UK and am now in London. If I had hired developers in Wales I would be stuck there.
  4. With outside developers usually working on hourly schedules you can scale them up and down whenever budgets are tight (or not). If you hired a developer but ran out of money you would have to make him redundant.
  5. Employees often leave for better jobs, this is a huge problem.

But lets be clear, there can be downsides also….

  1. Freelancers could make some spaghetti code and you wouldn’t know (This can happen with local developers too so be careful)
  2. They can steal the code (Local developers could do the same thing but you have backup from the law in the same country)
  3. They might just work for someone else and leave your project (This is quite common but not so much as they rely on great reviews on their portfolio)
  4. Language issues can be an issue but it depends on how clear you are and what you need done

As you can see we have a HUGE advantage (in my eyes) while a lot of people think it’s a huge disadvantage and a liability.

What’s your opinion?