Nest for iPhone

Let’s talk challenge format: To make sure these redesigns remain a fun learning experience for me, I’ve decided to update the challenge format again. I’ll now be allowing myself to design any time I have a chance, so long as I publish 52 redesigns by the end of the year. This means I’ll potentially be able to work on multiple redesigns simultaneously — allowing for some longer-term challenges — while also providing some buffer room if I have a busy week or vacation time.

Five months…

YouTube for iPhone

I spend a pretty decent amount of time on YouTube. I’ve subscribed to dozens of channels covering a wide variety of topics; video game playthroughs, comedy shorts, astronomy lessons, and music videos, among others. And while I’ve been freed from the hell of commuting two hours to and from work every day, the time I spent on public transit have made me very familiar with the YouTube iPhone app.

With my redesign of Hangouts, I mentioned that Google has been on an updating spree, bringing Material…

Tweetbot for Mac

Well, shit.

Deal with it

You caught me. I’m late this week. It was bound to happen eventually, and luckily there are no real consequences for missing these deadlines, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. After making a change to the challenge format last week to extend the deadline for the write-up, I wanted to see if it was possible to complete the weekly challenge without doing the any work on the weekend, which had made up the majority of the time put towards the redesigns…

Hangouts for iPhone

Quick note regarding the challenge format: You may have noticed this was not posted Sunday night. Due to my night owl nature and generally busy weekdays, and because publishing at midnight on Sunday is a bit silly, I’m tweaking the deadline of the challenge slightly. The design portion of the redesign must still be finished before midnight on Sunday, but the write-up will be published Wednesday between 12 noon and 1 PM EST.

Like Dropbox, Google Hangouts is something that I use every day, both at…

Dropbox for Android

I love Dropbox. I use it for collaborating at work, sharing photos with friends, saving backups of files, saving screenshots, and pretty much anything else I can justify using it for. Dropbox is also one of my favourite apps for iPhone, and feels right at home by striking a good balance between the Dropbox branding and the iOS 8 look and feel. The Android app, on the other hand, is styled to match the platform’s 4.x Holo theme. My goal with this week’s redesign challenge was…

Designer News for iPhone


2014 felt unproductive. It wasn’t really, not in any measurable way, but it felt like it because the volume of work I produced was lower than what I’m used to. I could give some excuses as to why, but regardless, I produced less work last year because I had very few side projects. One look at my Dribbble account says it all; five shots in all of 2014, with just three being truly unique, and only one of those was a personal project.

Despite this, I don’t feel as though the quality of my work has stagnated. Quite the contrary…

Evan Dinsmore

Lead Designer at @Delphia_ai. Formerly Senior Designer @Shopify and Co-Founder @PilotApp (acquired 2013) •

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