Here at Google Glass, we firmly believe that people, deep down, at their cores, want to look like they’re in a 1980s movie about the year 1999.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Lehman Brothers

Google Glass


Image from Pixabay

  • The Chemical brothers aren’t real brothers.
  • Yes you have to know when to hold em. Yes you have to know when to fold em. But you also have to know the various other rules to the particular card game you’re playing. None of that other stuff is as important as knowing what shapes and colors make you win.
  • The New Kids on the Block had all been an the block for quite…

  • My DJ Name: DJ Tanner
  • My Graphic Design Name: Howard Hues
  • My Bus Driver Name: Busta On-times
  • My Janitor Name: Janitorialy Yours
  • My Boxer Name: Joey “Strawpenny” McDaniels
  • My Scooby Doo Villain Name: Old Man Vinegars, The owner of the old abandoned book store!
  • My Assassin Name: The Tickler
  • My Stage Name: 60' x 40'
  • My Trucker Name: “Muddy Flaps” Mcallister
  • My Code Name: D*%S JRYF00$
  • My Cynical Martial Arts Name: Hong Kong Hooey
  • My Stripper Name: Porcelain
  • My Secret Name:
  • My Wreslter Name: The Irish Whisper
  • My Hacker Name: Funky Code Medina
  • My Last Name: Eggers (As in Evan Eggers)

Evan Eggers

Writer/Draw-er/Perfomer currently living in Atlanta. Comedy: SF Sketchfest, Out of Bounds Fest, Groundlings, Second City. |

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