July 4th…Vacation???

I took time off for July 4th to spend time with my family and take a much needed break. As an entrepreneur you are always on when at work and it is difficult to shut that off. Especially on vacation. It takes me about two days to not feel that I have to be doing something and that is really frustrating for me. I want to be able to decompress and relax, but there is that nagging feeling of needing to work that I try to block and tell no. Maybe the problem is that we try to block that feeling? Just maybe we can accept the feeling of needing to work for what it is, a feeling. You have it, but you will not act on it. Maybe it’s also that I do not feel that I deserve the vacation. There is still so much work that I need to accomplish for Bezel.

As entrepreneurs are we not allowed to take vacation? Should we be on and working all the time?

The answer is that we obviously deserve time off, but I see so many people working while on vacation so there is clearly something we as entrepreneurs need to work through. In the end by allowing a few days to decompress and we will come back in a better mindset and be more efficient and effective in our day to day.

I would love to hear your thoughts about how you allow yourself to take breaks and vacation.

-Evan Freed

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