27th birthday

It was my 27th birthday and I was more subtle than thrilled. I never felt the happy birthday jitters anymore. I never anticipated what birthday gifts I would get from my family and friends. I didn’t care about my birthday dress nor the cake. I didn’t plan where I would like to have my perfect birthday dinner.

I just woke up early by the cries of my 2 month old baby boy. I gently held him kissed and fed him. He fell asleep in my arms. I realized how tired and sleep deprived I have been for the past two months.I was weary, hormonal and cranky. My baby boy smiled in his sleep. It was angelic.

My mind wandered to all the previous birthdays I could remember, right from my childhood, the lovely birthday dress I would pick up a month before the birthday,matching accessories, chocolates and cake. It was the day I felt like a princess in school wearing my special birthday outfit whereas all my classmates wore uniform. Everyone would sing “happy birthday “ and I get to distribute chocolates around. I would rush home to sit down on my bed and go through the lovely gifts my friends gave me and feel happy about it. Birthday means having dinner with my family in my favorite restaurant followed by ice cream and then go to sleep feeling sad that I have to wait another year for my next birthday. During college days the chocolate distribution was replaced with treats. I would love to grow up every year and happily add another number to my age. Gradually that feeling was totally changed when I reached 23. I was working and I slowly began to realize growing old isn’t fun but it means being more responsible . I made up a plan. I decided to get married by 25 and have a kid when I was 27. Luckily both happened. My husband is my pillar of strength. He is an amazing husband any girl could ask for.

My baby started crying.My husband immediately got up.He asked me to sleep and he changed my baby’s diaper . I looked at my husband and son. I was so happy. I have learnt a lot of things the past 2 years. I learnt family comes first no matter what. I realized there is no need to please everyone, I let go of all my expectations and learnt to make the best out of every situation. I had become stronger than before.I thanked god for always blessing me with the best. Blessed with the best parents, grandparents, sister, in-laws, husband and son,What more could I ask for? I dozed off to sleep.

I woke up happily. I felt my life was complete with my cute little family. My husband gifted me an Apple Watch and a beautiful card from my son.He started baking my favorite cake with chocolates and had also planned my perfect birthday dinner in red lobster. I was euphoric. Suddenly my birthday jitters were back. Immediately I felt so happy and started to look forward for my upcoming birthdays with my lovable boys.I am not sure whether growing old makes you wiser but it will definitely make you stronger.. oh my god ,I think this is maturity 😀

Birthday babe


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