“The joy of dressing is an art.” —John Galliano

Recently my husband made a sarcastic comment on how much time I spend dressing myself up before going out. It doesn’t matter whether its to a mall, church, grocery store or even a simple walk in the nearby park. What he failed to notice is that how much i enjoy doing it.

Yes, I am a fan of fashion, have always been from the time I could remember. I love to shop trendy, preppy outfits, sandals and accessories. My style is wee bit modern and uncluttered with an extra touch of subtle elegance. I can spend hours walking in and out of every shop in malls with an enthusiasm that never fades.

Every person has a different opinion on shopping and dressing up.I firmly believe that the way one dresses up has a lot to with their personality. My husband on the other hand is more than comfortable wearing a faded blue jean and a plain tshirt. He never spends time on shopping clothes nor shoes. Sometimes I would compel him to try new outfits but he has never shown interest.He thinks a man looks great in whatever outfit he is comfortable in.My sister on the other hand would solely rely on me to pick out outfits for her. She would ask my opinion on style and choosing colors. I used to wonder how a person can outsource shopping.One of my friend never likes spending time on shopping .She does not have the patience to select one outfit over the other. She picks the first outfit she lays her eyes on.Another friend of mine is obsessed with shopping.As soon as she gets her month's paycheck she spends half of it buying clothes and accessories. She is a shopoholic.

Nowadays everyone likes to buy branded items. They convey a sense of status, wealth, and exclusivity. Me on the other hand favor uniqueness and individuality.

Shopping is a great way to kill your time. I think it’s my tonic of happiness.

  • Spend time shopping atleast once in every month.
  • If you are not willing to buy anything atleast try window shopping. It takes your mind of any stress incorporated within you
  • Don’t be afraid to try out new styles and current trends
  • Loosen the purse strings a little. At times it’s ok to purchase something expensive in case it makes you happy.
  • Love your body image and personality and feel good about yourself.
  • When a pretty dress does not fit,buy it and take it as a motivation to reduce extra weight and wear it proudly.
  • Eliminate any old and out of style outfits from your wardrobe.
  • A black or red dress does wonders sometimes. Trust me it makes you look good.
  • Don’t be reluctant to try out any mix and match combinations.Bring out the fashion sense that is secretly hidden within yourself
  • Be confident in the what you wear. If you ever get teased or trolled don’t even bother.
  • Enjoy these little things because as we age so does our shopping mentality.

No matter size 0 or size 16 it all depends on how well we carry ourselves with grace and style. The joy of wearing a new outfit which we are comfortable in and walking around with a great boost of self confidence is ineffable. The way we dress up affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act and the way others react to us. After all life is never perfect but our dressing can be 😁

On a fashion roll