Well, you don’t have postpartum depression if you experience the below symptoms .These are hurdles every new mom faces

  1. It hurts like hell. It doesn’t matter whether you have a normal vaginal delivery or a c-sec, it’s gonna hurt terribly.
  2. Your hormones race up and down ,you seem to experience all kinds of feelings from happy to crappy.
  3. The first bowel movement after delivery is going to be worse than the delivery itself.
  4. Yes it’s gonna be bloody red downstairs for a while.
  5. It might seem like you have urinary incontinence but you will get through it.
  6. It’s ok if you don’t bond with the baby right away. Your body has gone through so much that you couldn’t even think of. Eventually you will love the baby more than anything in this world. It is completely normal if it takes some time.
  7. Breastfeeding is gonna hurt initially. You will get used to it.
  8. You will be angry and irritated for a couple of weeks. It’s hormonal.
  9. You will be tired always because of feeding around the clock and lack of sleep.
  10. You will realize that 2–3 hours of sleep is enough to survive.
  11. You are going to cry if you don’t have enough help to take care of the baby and your house.
  12. You will realize how much pain you can tolerate and be amazed by it.
  13. You will come to know how much your husband loves you and your baby in that delivery room.
  14. You will develop a new profound respect for your mom after your delivery and try to make up to her for being resentful earlier.
  15. Your priorities in life will change, your baby will always be number one, you will become more mature and learn to face all the hurdles bravely in future.
  16. Every woman experiences the above stuff. It’s completely normal. That doesn’t mean you have postpartum depression.
  17. You are going to love your baby more than anything I mean literally anything 😍
  18. At times you might feel like a terrible mother. No one is perfect. You are doing your best. Your baby will adore you for what you are.
  19. Postpartum depression is just a term. Don’t come to a conclusion that you have it. Women have gone through this for centuries and are still strong.
  20. Finally you will love being a mom and dream of having another baby even though you know that you have to face all these problems again.

Wow! that’s motherhood and it shows how strong women are.


A proud mom

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