10 Popular Acne-Fighting Foods to Include in Your Diet

While skin types, hormones, the environment, genes, and skin care routines are the primary culprits for flaring up those pesky zits, there are foods that actually trigger their appearance. And interestingly, there are also foods that help fight them. Don’t believe it? Here are 10 popular acne-fighting foods you might want to consider adding to your diet at this very moment.

1. Walnuts and Salmon — Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts and salmon can contribute to keeping acne under control. Two servings of fresh salmon or one tablespoon of walnuts a day may give you enough Omega power to keep those zits at bay.

2. Oranges and Tomatoes — These two fruits contain loads of vitamin C that strengthen and boost our immune system. Although they don’t have a direct impact on stopping acne, they can keep your skin clear from acne scars.

3. Watermelons and Cucumbers — Sometimes, acne breakouts are caused by the lack of water intake. That is why it is highly-recommended to consume foods that have high water content, such as cucumbers and watermelons. All the waters found in these foods should flush away the toxins in your skin, giving you a radiant and clear skin.

4. Sweet Potatoes and Carrots — Carrots and sweet potatoes are known to have beta carotene that is turned into vitamin A by the body. Once converted, vitamin A betters the benefits of selenium, a powerful antioxidant, to the skin. So, as much as possible, add at least half a cup of beta carotene rich foods to your everyday diet.

5. Onion, Whole Grains, and Garlic — To preserve the elasticity of your skin and control acne, your body might need some antioxidants, which can be obtained from onions, garlic, and whole grains.

6. Leafy Greens — We all know how powerful antioxidants are when it comes to zits. Thankfully, we can find more of them in leafy green foods! Some spinach drizzled with olive oil can provide you with an ample amount of antioxidants already.

7. Bananas and Brown Rice — Magnesium-rich foods like bananas, oats, artichokes, and brown rice are considered powerful acne fighters. Why? That is because magnesium aids in balancing the hormones that cause acne.

8. Green Tea — Green tea contains flavonols and polyphenols that are said to prevent oxidation damage brought about by toxins and free radicals. With the regular consumption of green tea, hormonal activity is balanced and bacterial growth is stopped. With what it can do, it comes to no surprise why tea tree oils have become a vital part of many acne-stopping facial products.

9. Sea Salt — For some reasons, iodized salt triggers zits to flare up. Hence, it is advised to limit your intake of foods that have lots of iodine. If that can’t be avoided, you can opt for sea salt.

10. No More Sugary Stuff — If you truly wish to bring an end to those acne flare-ups, avoid foods that contain sugar, such as white bread and white rice. Too much sugar causes insulin levels to spike, triggering acne to appear.

It’s never easy to deal with zits and acne. Thus, try integrating these foods in your diet. You’ll see that in the long run, your skin will become pimple-free and vibrant!