Seven Things About Teeth Whitening You Can Tell Your Boss

Maintaining a peaceful and happy work environment isn’t easy, especially if some people in your department are difficult. However, if what’s keeping you from getting close to your boss or superior is his yellowish teeth, perhaps you should give him some tips on teeth whitening. Here are some things your boss would like to know about this procedure.

1. There are many types of teeth whitening treatment.

Your boss may think that teeth whitening is really expensive, but what she doesn’t know is that you can find numerous teeth whitening products over the counter, and some of them are less than $20. These whitening treatments come in the form of dental trays, gels, strips, toothpastes and even mouthrinses. Your boss can easily find a whitening treatment that she can afford.

2. In-clinic whitening treatment is the most expensive but definitely worth every penny.

The top emergency dentist in Chicago offers in-clinic whitening which is a fast and easy solution to discolored teeth. This procedure only takes an hour and after the procedure, your boss will have up to four times whiter teeth. It may be expensive but it’s worth the cost and the results last as long as a couple of years.

3. Smoking is a big factor in stained teeth.

Is your boss a chain smoker? This is one of the biggest contributors to his stained teeth. Smoking not only discolors the teeth but also promotes cavity formation and increases the risk of gum disease. Perhaps it’s time to give your boss a friendly e-mail with this infographic about the dangers of smoking to convince him to quit smoking altogether.

4. Wine also stains the teeth.

You know how bosses are. They love gourmet stuff. But even $10 bottles of wine can stain teeth, so it’s not about the price, but the type of beverage your boss consumes. Red wine has a deep color that easily stains teeth, but white wine can also cause stains because of acidity. A good tip to avoid stains caused by wine is by rinsing with water after drinking and before eating.

5. It’s not painful to whiten the teeth.

Is your boss frightened of dentists? Approximately 75 percent of adults in the United States alone experience some level of dental fear whether it’s because of the dental tools, the chair or the coming in the dental clinic. But teeth whitening isn’t really an invasive dental procedure and it only takes an hour or less to complete. Your boss can get sedation to relieve her anxiety. Before she knows it, the procedure is done!

6. Teeth whitening results vary per treatment.

In-clinic whitening has the best and longest-lasting result. Over the counter treatments take several weeks to show any results and these are often gradual. The longer your boss uses the over the counter solution, the whiter his teeth can be. However, it’s not recommended to continuously use whitening products because they can make the teeth sensitive. The maximum period of regular use should be around 6 weeks.

7. Having whiter teeth will definitely give a confidence boost.

Your boss may be happy with his appearance right now, but once he gets his teeth whitened, it will really give him more reasons to smile. He might even become more approachable because of his sparkling teeth.

Don’t be afraid to give your boss a little push to get teeth whitening. Perhaps she just needs these information, or maybe a companion to the dental clinic. Why don’t you offer to help her out? In the end, you and your boss will have a better working relationship and brighter smiles.