Why Plantronics Backbeat Pro Plus Should Be Top Of Your List When Buying Headphones?

In the modern age headsets have become a necessary accessory for professionals working in an organization as well as entertainment purposes. A large variety of headset brands have been introduced in the market which provides the users with products which meet their requirements. In order to choose the best among them the users have to take into account the quality as well as the price range of the available products. Plantronics is among the best-selling brands of headsets and headset accessories and has been entertaining users with satisfactory products since long. The catalogue of Plantronics includes headsets belonging to various categories including corded and wireless headsets. Users can chose from a variety of options available at a very reasonable price range in order to get the best headset available which meets their needs and requirements. Plantronics Backbeat Pro Plus is one of the best noise cancelling headsets provided by Plantronics and has been making it to best sellers list also. Backbeat Pro contains a set of features which are highly feasible for users working in any kind of work environment as well as for users who want to enjoy seamless music for long intervals of time. The key features of Plantronics Backbeat Pro Plus headphones are mentioned below:

  • Wireless binaural headsets
  • Active noise-canceling technology blocks out background noise while working, relaxing, and traveling
  • Multiple device sync technology of these headsets makes them compatible with all smart devices including iPhone, iPod, and android devices.
  • High quality rich and life like audio delivers rich bass, crisp high, and natural mid tones
  • Comfortable to wear and Perfect for travelling and in-flight use as these highly user friendly headsets include pillow soft ear cups to provide lasting comfort
  • These headsets cancel and isolate background noises and provide disturbance free communication or entertainment
  • The Plantronics technology offers up to 24 hours of battery time
  • These headsets provide 330 feet of Bluetooth range and can be used away from base without any difficulty

The salient features of Plantronics Backbeat Pro Plus include an aesthetically attractive design with a unique sense of style. These headsets are available in black color only and the build is made up of plastic. Comfortable to wear these headsets are very user friendly and can be worn for longer intervals of time without any discomfort or exertion. The ear pads of these headsets are very soft and can be worn for longer intervals without any discomfort. The softness of the ear pads makes these headsets highly recommended for use during long office hours as well as while listening to music while traveling or watching your favorite movie.

The pairing has been made easier with these headsets as they provide the users with options like NFC pairing and can be paired with any device having the NFC functionality. The Plantronics Backbeat Pro Plus is automatically entered into the pairing mode when they are turned on which makes pairing quicker and easy. Along with these wireless headsets a 3.5 mm cable is also available this provides wired connectivity option for these headsets and they can be converted to corded headsets when battery is low so that the work at hand remains uninterrupted. A mic and a remote are also available along with the cord so that the headsets are still functioning in passive mode.

The Bluetooth version supported by these headsets is 4.0 and the range of these headsets is a reasonable 330 feet which enables the users to still use these headsets while being away from the base. The quick access controls of these headsets enable the users to perform all the functionalities swiftly. The right ear cup contains the controls of on/off slider, mute button, volume controls which can be used to increase or decrease volume when required and a button is dedicated for answering and ending calls so that no important calls are missed and are answered instantly. The left ear cups contains the active noise canceling on/off slider, play button, NFC pairing button and a dial is also available for skipping forward and backward which enables the users to listen to their favorite tracks.

The battery life of these Plantronics headsets is really good up to 24 hours. The LED battery meter available on the side of the headset enables the users to keep track of the battery status. The charge to play tine ratio of these headsets is excellent and it take up to three hours only to charge these headsets fully. The amazing deep sleep hibernation mode of these headsets enables them to automatically active low battery consumption mode which results in improving the battery life for up to six months.

The active noise cancellation properties of these headsets enable the users to carry out their activities without being bothered by any type of outside noise or disturbances. The noise canceling property provides users with complete isolation and users can enjoy uninterrupted music or conversations using these headphones. These headsets are responsible for canceling out all the unwanted noises present in the background and ensure crystal clear conversations and a hi-fi USB adapter is also available with these headsets to enhance its connectivity. The remarkable features of these headsets make them highly feasible for all user types. Plantronics Backbeat Pro Plus is available at a very reasonable price and it is one of the very few headsets which have all these amazing features at such a low price range. Telegiants is making their mark in headset business and attractive discounts are offered on their items to facilitate customers. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the quality or functioning of the product a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is offered to them.