The idea in the beginning was basically to abuse the system of instagram to get free stuff from…

Most honest response on IG! 
Thank You for building it and writing about it. Leaving all the legal stuff aside, I think it’s awesome you built this. 
Coming back to the legal stuff, it shows that digital connections are not as valuable as real human connections, regardless of how we may try to make it seem so. Someone mentioned something about digital currency earlier.

I feel like the Likes and Comments and Followers are digital currency that leads to earning human currency for referrals and “influence posts”, which devalues the human connection that is proposed on a social media site like instagram.

How do I know that that post from LeBron or Kim K is really something they use and find “…simply amazing! You should try it!”

or is it something they post because they get free stuff?

In that way, aren’t they bots, too?

Anyway, fantastic job.

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