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by Evan Guerra

The modern Australian child protection landscape has been shaped over the decades with consideration of various risk factors impacting on children across their lifespan.

Abuse and neglect factors pertinent to indigenous children impact the overall framework of child protection practice and the procedures and policies employed by social welfare organizations and practitioners in the prevention of maltreatment. Cultural and social factors contribute to the types of maltreatments imposed on children. …

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Love and faith is the pathway.

Love and faith have seen me through some tough personal challenges in the past 2 years.

Self-love needs to come first
before genuinely loving others.

For a long time, I confused self-love with self-obsession. If you’re making the effort of practising self-love, you tend not to harm others.

If you’re practising self-obsession,
harming others is inevitable.

When you’re engaged in self-love,
showing love and respect for others will
start to develop and grow naturally.

Faith in a higher power can only be reached by nurturing love.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before,


What’s your take on love?

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Preface: Violence is never acceptable.

Yes! Women do commit violence against men and children, however, the statistics of harm demonstrate that violence against women and children has far higher individual and social impacts. One woman every week on average dies in Australia as a result of domestic violence, often at the hands of a partner or ex-partner.

For facts and figures on violence against women and children in Australia please visit ourwatch.org

This is a message for all men, both young and old; like it or not, an awakening is happening.

Women are done hurting.

Women have grown tired of…

Sit. Be still. Relish in the emptiness.

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Our true existence is formless, inseparable from the entire universe. I’m referring to our soul, spirit, being; call it what you like.

We’ve been tricked into believing in the physical ‘person’ that we are and that individually we have rank and that status is important.

Remove the ego from the equation and all that is left is emptiness.

Closing your eyes, calming the mind and spirit and engaging in the emptiness of your consciousness. This is life. This is beauty.

To be fully conscious but empty. This is the universe. Empty.

I think…

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Eternity by Evan Guerra — Available December 7th on amazon.com

Eternity is the debut collection of prose from Australian writer Evan Guerra, inviting readers on a self-reflective journey through birth, innocence, suffering and finally to death.

Guerra’s poetic and emotionally driven writing explores; the importance of dreams, overcoming depression and anxiety, devotion and endearment, the duality of human nature and the conquering of fear.

Eternity is a beacon of love and faith.

Evan Guerra was born and raised in Innisfail, Australia, a small coastal town in Tropical Far North Queensland, where he works as a Youth Worker and Meditation Teacher.

For a snippet of the book please click here.


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Gutman Locks

Up until this morning the notion of a Buddhist Jew had honestly never crossed my mind. It was my understanding that Judaism and its gospel the Torah wouldn’t exhibit any similar teachings seen in Buddhism.

Obviously I was wrong.

Known colloquially as a Jubu, Gutman Locks explains the fundamentals behind the concept. While I was confused at first, to simplify it, a Jubu is ethnically Jewish however believes also in Buddhist teachings and meditation.

Some famous Jubu’s include Allen Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen and Mark Epstein.

For more Jewish educational entertainment videos be sure to follow Gutman Locks over on his YouTube page.

Additionally his teachings are available via his website here.

Gutman Locks

by Evan Guerra

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I am a pessimist. I am an optimist.

I’m the Pessimistic Optimist.

I am a child of strength, yet a coward whimpering in a corner.

I am a child of loyalty, yet a child likely to stab you in the back.

My hands have labored hard, but only for my own benefit.

I have given every inch, but merely not enough.

Where do I belong? I belong where I am right now. Confused and broken. I am deprived of all which makes you…better than me.

Where is the sunrise of contentment? …

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Wat That Thong. Photo by Evan Guerra.

A journey to visit every Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

See map.

Temples in order of walk.

  1. Wat Sri Bunruang ✔

2. Wat Pathumwanaram Ratchaworawihan ✔

3. Holy Redeemer Church ✔

4. The Erawan Shrine ✔

5. Wat That Thong ✔

6. Wat Pasee ✔

Wat Sri Bunruang

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Nonsensical & Sporadic #3 by Evan Guerra

Come on. Say it with me. I believe in the power of possibility and the promise of perseverance. This is a newly concocted mantra I’ve been reciting for the past few weeks to muster up motivation. It will probably be replaced with a new one come Friday.

During your life the likelihood of something becoming possible is almost always determined by your level of courage. Of course in the fabric of reality certain feats are downright impossible. For example a human flying like a bird with-out the aid of any form of apparatus…

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Kwanrudee and I. Photo by Evan Guerra

I recently posted the above photograph of my girlfriend and I onto my Instagram feed. Because you know. That’s what the gram is for. Sharing selfies.

The photograph I took on my DSLR inside a grand Buddhist temple called Wat Sothon Wararam, located in the Chachoengsao province of Thailand, roughly an hour drive from Bangkok.

It was a Sunday, being a common day for merit-making in Thailand there were hundreds of laypersons inside the main temple.

We found ourselves a comfortable spot to rest leaning against a huge marble pillar. The snap was taken. It was an extremely memorable day.

Evan Guerra

Love is the lesson & empathy the key. Author, Meditation Teacher. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08JCPN7CS

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