Love is Indefinable

Kwanrudee and I. Photo by Evan Guerra

I recently posted the above photograph of my girlfriend and I onto my Instagram feed. Because you know. That’s what the gram is for. Sharing selfies.

The photograph I took on my DSLR inside a grand Buddhist temple called Wat Sothon Wararam, located in the Chachoengsao province of Thailand, roughly an hour drive from Bangkok.

It was a Sunday, being a common day for merit-making in Thailand there were hundreds of laypersons inside the main temple.

We found ourselves a comfortable spot to rest leaning against a huge marble pillar. The snap was taken. It was an extremely memorable day.

Accompanied with the photo on Instagram I wrote love is indefinable.

Someone then wrote a comment telling me that I was silly and that love is definable and that people just can’t comprehend love.

I am now going to explain why to me at least love is indefinable.

Yes love can be defined in the sense that the dictionary says a certain thing or two about it. But the feeling in reality is much more than just a definition one reads. I want to begin with the following analogy. I’m bad at analogies and this is gone way too far already. This is just hypothetical. It’s a bit silly. So here goes.

A stranger walks into your shared hostel room just as your finishing eating a huge succulent pear. You’ve just swallowed the last delicious bite. The person who just walked in the door is from some secluded town in some obscure country not many people know about. They then proceed to tell you they’ve never eaten a pear. Ever. They ask for one. You only had the one. So you try to explain to this person how delicious a pear is. What do you say to truly convey how amazingly succulent the pear is? The pear is sweet. Tart. Juicy. Mouth watering. We all know that pears are the bomb. But your words fall short in accurately defining how awesome a pear is to devour. Unless you have eaten a pear you’ll never know, but even then you can never truly describe the taste. The pear is like love. An experience you can’t explain. Something you crave time and time again. Love is like a pear. Indefinable.

I can’t explain why i yearn to know more about this person. Why I crave for more days and weeks. There is no way I can convey the feelings or thoughts full circle. All at once I have sane thoughts and then irrational ones. Love sometimes can drive you crazy. For someone to just say their in love doesn’t give credence to the sensation felt. It’s like a constant rapture. It’s like an endless smile. It’s many things. It can’t be lumped into a few sentences in a dictionary.

So I think I am more right than wrong in saying love is indefinable.



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