Anthony Alleyne, Joint CEO of Phore Blockchain exchanged exclusive insights on decentralized distributed ledger technology and its potential in the commercial and economic landscape with over 150 business and government leaders as a Co-Chair at the Global Assets and Wealth (GAW) Forum in Singapore on 31 August 2018. Anthony Alleyne serves as an expert voice on blockchain and the distributed ledger technology and shared with attending leaders about how the commercial and economic landscape on a global scale is being transformed by decentralized distributed ledger technology.

From Left: Anthony Alleyne, Joint CEO of Phore Blockchain; Johnny Kartakov, Managing Partner of Ambisafe; Davy Goh, Founder and CEO of BCoin Exchange; Drew MacGibbon, Events Lead Asia of Skycoin; Rajiv Vaishnav, Managing Partner of Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund.

“Being amongst so many influential Thought Leaders was an immense honour. It represented the start of a fruitful and effective partnership between Phore Blockchain and Platinum Circle through the GAW Initiative, where we will disseminate, clarify, and simplify the benefits of Blockchain with regards to economies of scale, efficiency and transparency. This will be a major part of everyone’s lives in the near future, one way or another and first-movers in this sphere will, as always, have a major advantage. “, said Anthony Alleyne.

Platinum Circle, host of the GAW Forum, is the world’s leading business group consisting of over 1,800 corporations with annual turnover exceeding USD100 million, governments and intergovernmental organisations from the 6 continents. Platinum Circle’s community includes top executives, policy makers, entrepreneurs, technologists, philanthropists, high net worth individuals, accredited investors and members of civil society.

The GAW Forum is a meeting of the GAW Initiative, which has received support from more than 300 leaders representing 26 markets and 150 private and public organisations since its introduction in April 2018. The objective of the global initiative is to drive greater collaboration and cooperation in building future economic, business and social wealth among members of the Platinum Circle Community.

This objective is effected through a series of GAW Forums in major cities around the world that also engages institutional and accredited investors, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, technologists, philanthropists and high net worth individuals from varied industries and markets to work together with the Platinum Circle Community. Phore Blockchain is a member of Platinum Circle and the GAW Initiative and represents the blockchain and cryptocurrency in the global community.

The 2-day GAW Forum Singapore addressed a blend of institutional assets and private wealth topics delivered by a team of high profile experts drawn from the Platinum Circle Community and invited guests from USA, UK, Belgium, Finland, Russia, Georgia, Serbia, Chile, UAE, Israel, Australia, New Caledonia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, India, China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Some of the fellow Co-Chairs included Ms. Rana Karadsheh-Haddad, Singapore Country Manager and CIO of International Finance Corporation; Mr. Necmettin Kaymaz, Chief Project Director of Invest in Turkey; Mr. Anthony Nkinzo, CEO of Democratic Republic of the Congo National Agency Investment Promotion (ANAPI); Mr. Stephan Pouyat, Global Head of Capital Markets, Funds and ETFs of Euroclear; Dr. Ilham Akbar Habibie, Vice Chairman of PT Regio Aviasi Industri; Mr. Manish Tibrewal, CEO Family Office of Tolaram Group; Mr. Oleg Mosyazh, Deputy CEO of Skolkovo Forum; Mr. Harry Hui, Founding Managing Partner of ClearVue Partners; Mr. Anthony Ang, CEO of Sasseur Asset Management; Mr. Krish Datta, CEO Asia Pacific Japan and Middle East of BackOffice Associates; Dr. PKC Bose, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Saertex India; Mr. Aieti G Kukava, CEO of Alliance Group Holding; and Dr. Shahzad Nasim, Group Executive Chairman of Meinhardt Group. They shared their insights into market trends, asset classes, strategies, investment models, risks, challenges, opportunities and returns.

Some of the other highly recognized and respected leaders in attendance represented Wilson Cables, GreenPro Capital Corp, Ztudium, Drum Tower Ventures, Ensemble Capital, InvesUnited, Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund, Chainstarter Ventures, Jason Marine Group, Ease Group and the Government of Mongolia.

GAW Leaders

Following the closed-door gathering in Singapore, the GAW Forums will travel to other major cities in 2019 including New York, Hong Kong and Tbilisi to increase the voice of Georgia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in the Platinum Circle community. Two GAW Forums on Digital Assets will also be introduced in 2019.

Platinum Circle looks forward to continue working closely with Anthony Alleyne and Phore Blockchain to increase their voices and visibility in the GAW Initiative and GAW Forums.

The GAW Initiative and Forums are not open to the public. Access is solely for the Platinum Circle Community and nominated guests. To be part of the Platinum Circle Community, visit

About Phore Blockchain: Phore Blockchain is an ambitious Blockchain organization focused on establishing and growing free, and low cost, sustainable decentralized commerce on a global scale. Phore’s Proof of Stake (PoS) system rewards participants for helping to secure the network, by keeping it decentralized. Phore offers consumers and businesses a platform for fast and secure, digital currency transactions that can be either transparent or private. An entire ecosystem of software capabilities, partnerships and decentralized applications (dApps), such as the recently launched Phore Marketplace, offer real-world use cases for the Phore native asset, PHR. Additional dApps are currently planned and in development. Learn more at:

About Platinum Circle: Platinum Circle is the world’s leading business group consisting of over 1,800 corporations with annual turnover exceeding USD100 million, governments and intergovernmental organisations representing more than 20 industries and 90 markets across the 6 continents. The Global Assets and Wealth Initiative (GAW) galvanises the Platinum Circle Community worldwide to identify and engage opportunities and challenges at international, country and organisation levels to build future economic, business and social wealth. It also invites investors, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, technologists, fund managers, regulators, policy makers, philanthropists and high net worth individuals from across industries and markets interested in doing more business, building more assets and creating more economic, business and social wealth together with Platinum Circle. Learn more at:

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