The #1 Most Easiest Way to get E-mails for your Email List

The easiest way I ever heard of was buying a million emails off of Fiver from some dooshbag who steals Facebook emails from Facebook pages.

Okay, I know you’re not going to do any of that nonsense, so here’s my 2nd suggestion.

Ask people to join your email list by sending them a personal email.

You know that there are a zillion people you haven’t talked to in ages that would love to hear about what you’re doing. Like your small business, book, or music website.

You just ask. And then ask some more. For email addresses.

If you walked down main street USA in your town with a clipboard and pen and asked people for their email how many do you think you would get? I bet you could get 1–20 in a couple hours.

If you got one email per day from a stranger that would be 365 a year.

“Whatever, dude!” you’re thinking. “You have the worst ideas for getting email addresses that I’ve ever heard! I can’t believe I clicked on this blog post to read this lameness!”

No. These are great ideas. You just don’t want to do them.

You’d rather spend $1000 dollars for an email list to try to make that quick buck.

Well, I hear ya.

I want that quick buck, too, but something “quick” isn’t always that great.

They say time heals all wounds, so couldn’t it heal your small business, too?

It’s something to think about at least and that’s the only reason I write and read blog posts anyway.

To think new thoughts and ideas.

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