Brunch with Cyndi Lauper

When I was a child my parents took my brother and I to a swanky hotel in Brooklyn for brunch on a Sunday. My mom said “She looks like Cyndi Lauper.” I turned and looked and said out loud “It is Cyndi Lauper!” as she walked down the buffet line. Meanwhile people had brought Cyndi Lauper records into the hotel restaurant with them to get them signed. My brother was brave enough to get her autograph for himself and for me on hotel brochures. I was scared out of my mind and sat at the table and didn’t budge. The brochure said “XXO Fun 2 U 2.” My dad had it framed later and sent it to me for my birthday once when I was in my 30s living in Boulder Town. May dad is cool like that. I’m almost certain the front cover of the album “True Colors” was taken at this old hotel we were having brunch at. The timing was right for it at least.

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