Shia “La Buff” just doing it.

Why I Don’t Just Do It.

People are inspired by this video.

People laugh their pants off when they watch this video.

But do people really do it after watching this video?

What I really want to know is why I can’t just do it. Why do I need a video to remind myself to just . . . (Shia Labeouf, pronounced la buff, making crazy hand gestures inserted here) . . . do it!

I read a headline online yesterday that said to the effect the human brain is hardwired to complain. I didn’t stop to read the blog post, go figure, but I read the headline and thought about it.

I told a barista at my favorite coffee shop about the headline I saw and he said, “How does that help us in our evolutionary process?”

True that. It don’t.

We human beans would rather complain than do what really needs to be done like achieving our dreams, goals and stuff. This may be one of the saddest things I’ve ever thought about in my short forty years on this planet.

Where did the time go and why haven’t I done what’s important to me yet? I hear myself saying to myself.

I ask myself these kinds of questions way too often, but that’s just complaining isn’t it?

So this is my big thank you to Shia Labeouf for making such a gosh darn pertinent avant-garde video on the plight of being human.

Just do it!

If you think there’s something else to do — you’re wrong.

Do you do it? Leave a comment below.