I’m thankful for wonder

Lord it’s You I’m after. You’ve marveled me. I’m star struck. You’ve seen far more than a human in eighty years could ponder. In his fizzling wisdom of mans days. Man celebrates himself as knowledgeable after knowing so little.

Yet You have always and will always be there. How great a King. Who so patiently leads us. But I’m star struck. Not merely by the night sky you made. But the atom, quantum physics, the chemical design of emotion. But then there is love which chooses to die for those to whom made you feel no emotions. Naturally repugnant for that man is me. You saw me on the street called Mercy, washed and clothed me.

I’m star struck. And in my short life will always remain fascinated of every detail of who you are. Until I’m seated above the stars with You. For now… I’m amazed.

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