The trouble with America is guilt

We feel sorry, about our past. And it leaves us low.

The church, christian politicians, Church history. We bear these on us like a ball and chain, sinking America down, down low.

The problem isn’t that the liberal left is so strong, it’s that the strong backbone of conservatives has been taken by the conscience, silenced by “but the church in Europe”… “but the wars”

It isn’t about a Christian-America, it is about Esther’s, Daniel’s and those called to be ‘Christian’s in politics’. There is a subtle-gulf between those two ideas.

The truth is not based on what we did, nor are standards dropped because of who we think we are worthy of. We live by grace, empowered by Christ to shine. Not merge into a canvas of greys. But speak different.

We are never told to make present decisions on the basis of 2,000 years of church history. But in the light of revelation in this point of church history. And with the revelation of the spiritual warfare, non-physical, we fight.

It is time to stand up as the righteous of earth. Before grown men and women decide the next barrier to bring down is sexual relations with children. Forbid we leave the helpless helpless because we are looking at our own inability to take a higher ground. We have a higher ground, Christ Jesus.

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