Leverage Everything that is Vulnerable about Yourself!

  • Every bad experience is a lesson, a history lesson, in fact. It can trigger emotions to come out when you recognize you are in similar situations. Choose how you react and how you decide to feel.
  • If you decide to look deeply into past feelings and situations, use critical thinking to determine what you can take from it. Ask yourself, how am I benefiting from this? If it is not useful to you, why are using time on them?
  • You never have to be dependent on the traits of your history to determine your future. Although people around you may not expect you to act outside of the box, they put you in, let that be their discomfort and not yours.
  • There are things you love about yourself and things you hide from the world. Neither of them has to be there forever. Identify with your moment, not with what you are afraid you are not.
  • If you were able to predict your future challenges in the past, you would be truly prepared for this challenge at this moment. The fact is, you can’t predict the future. And anything new will never start off as comfortable. Maybe it’s because you are learning to identify with that new object.
  • Learning is always uncomfortable because it requires you to drop the old and accept the new. Whether it is the new you, new job, or new shoes. You never knew new like this before!
  • An open mind and open arms
  • Asking for help when you think you don’t deserve it
  • Having a 99% reject rate, and trying anyways
  • Requesting critical feedback, where you are the most sensitive
  • Reviewing every wrong answer on a past test to learn the right answer
  • Accepting blame even though you were once defensive on the subject
  • Starting a sentence with “I was afraid…” and finishing that statement with the most uncomfortable truth that you see about yourself.




I am an ADHD/Life Coach in Brooklyn NY. www.progressivegrowthcoaching.com

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Evan Kirstein

Evan Kirstein

I am an ADHD/Life Coach in Brooklyn NY. www.progressivegrowthcoaching.com

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