Fooji Expands to Los Angeles

For me, one of the most beautiful things about technology is that a group of very young, hard-working people in the middle of Kentucky can build something like Fooji that is used by the largest companies in the world and has the potential to completely change the way we engage with brands.

Fooji was started in Lexington, Kentucky about two years ago as a way for people to order food by texting or tweeting an emoji. With a little press and a few eye opening campaigns, we have since pivoted the company into advertising and have built it into the hottest tool in the industry 😎

Brands like Disney, MTV, Adidas, Amazon, Fox, Warner Bros, Turner, Toyota, and Patron have all used our first of its kind experiential technology to engage with their fans.

If the biggest companies in the world have trusted a start-up from Kentucky that is just over a year and a half old, you know we have built something special and in high demand.

That high demand brings high growth. We’ve been aggressively hiring in every area of the business, and our latest focus will be on growing our sales team. We have already hired an EVP of Sales and will be opening a satellite office in LA. The office will allow us to have boots on the ground and have a sales team focused on the media and entertainment vertical which has made up the majority of our revenue thus far.

Again, its amazing to think these companies have worked with us considering we’re nowhere near them, we have no PR, and we didn’t come out of Silicon Valley. That truly speaks to our team and the product we’ve built.

Imagine what will happen as we continue to grow the team, open more offices, and expand into new verticals 📈