3 Things Designed Well, and 3 Things That Could Use Some Work

Designed Well:

Headspace (app)

Headspace is a meditation app I frequently use on my IPhone that I believe to be designed very well. Its menus are very simple and easy to navigate, and the titles of the clickable options are clear and straightforward. The screens are very simple, and use aesthetically pleasing colors and animations to make the experience more enjoyable.


I believe Youtube.com is also designed quite well. The Youtube homepage shows the user a list of 8 recommended videos, following George Miller’s Magic Number 7 rule, based on history and subscriptions. This is a really cool feature and allows the user to discover videos similar to ones they have watched in the past. While it may seem cluttered because the screens are mainly filled with thumbnails of videos, I do think, for what the website has to display, it does so in the best possible way. The clickable options are all straight forward and the website is very easy to navigate.


Ray-ban sunglasses website is designed well. The dark colors and the close up images together make for a clean and sharp looking home page. Shopping online at Ray-ban feels like a quality experience. When I shop online at other clothing website, the experience is more of a “let me find what I want and get out” kind of experience, but with Ray Ban I enjoy spending time clicking around the website. The menus are easy to navigate and everything seems to flow very well.

Designed Poorly

Macys .com

Macy’s website is one of the ““let me find what I want and get out” I was talking about. It is very cluttered and overwhelming. There are far too many categories. Under “Men” and “Women” there is a subcategory titled “Active wear,” and then in the main set of categories, there is an option titled “Active”. There is also and option for “Juniors” as well as “Kids” which is a little confusing. By trimming down some of the repetitive categories, Macy’s would be able to remove a lot of the clutter from their menus and make the online shopping experience a little bit better.


Every time I hear a song that I like, but don’t know the name of it, I try to make out a couple of lyrics and type them into Google. This almost always leads me to a website called a-zlyrics.com. It is always the first option on the list, so I assume it is a popular website. While it is easy enough to navigate, it is just not nice to look at. There are no images or graphics in the menus which are just lists of artists in a generic font. When a-z lyrics.com doesn’t pop up, Genius.com does. Genius.com is a way better experience. They offer more information and have images of the album art next to the lyrics.

Gulden’s squeezable mustard bottle.

Gulden’s spicy brown mustard is something you will always find in my refrigerator. They have great tasting mustard, but the absolute most frustrating packaging. They use a hard plastic squeeze bottle that just does not work. Mustard is too viscous to get through the tiny hole in the opening. On top of that, when you get close to the end of the bottle you have to take the top off and find a knife that fits into the small opening to get the mustard out because it all sticks to the sides and bottom of the bottle.