5 Top Benefits of Hosted Telephony Services

In the last few decades, technology has made immense advancement and sevral technology oriented products are being leveraged by businesses to achieve cost-efficiency and improved performance. One such advancement which has made it easier for businesses to stay connected with their stakeholders across the globe is the hosted telephony services.

In the recent years, many businesses which have stopped using the conventional legacy PBX telephony and have adopted the VoIP, that is Voice Over Internet Protocol. Owing to the improved internet speeds and the enhanced reliability of the networks which carry the voice data over the same networks as they carry the business data, the hosted telephony services have become extremely common. There is a plethora of hosted telephony providers in the UK who offer superior quality hosted telephony services.

If you are wondering that what benefits would you get by opting for the hosted telephony services, then here are the top 5 benefits delivered by these contemporary VoIP solutions:

Low Cost Communication
The cost involved in purchasing, implementing and upgrading the conventional PBX system is far higher than installing a high quality hosted telephony system. These telephony solutions facilitate cost-effective ways of communicating with the people across the continents and the best part is that it’s not mandatory for the receiver to possess the same VoIP setup. You can make calls to mobile phones and fixed line numbers anywhere in the world at very reasonable prices.

Faster Scaling
In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s vital for businesses to scale their communications systems swiftly. The hosted telephony solutions are device independent communication systems which make rapid scaling much easier. However, it’s vital that you choose a reliable provider for the IT network support service to ensure hassle free communication.

Call Monitoring and Call Logging
The businesses which employ an outbound sales team needs to record the telephonic communications between the callers and the prospects for multiple reasons. Similarly, there are many other businesses which are required to maintain the call logs and call recordings. The hosted telephony solutions enable you to record the calls easily and maintain an accurate call log. Thus, it’s a good choice for the modern-day businesses.

CRM Integration
Owing to the broad array of benefits offered by the CRM, most businesses are today using CRM based solutions. The hosted telephony services allow seamless linking with the existing CRM system of the organization. This implies that you can get the benefits such as automated dialers for the organizations using hosted telephony for making outbound calls to colossal improvements in the call handling quality.
The bottom line is that when you adopt the hosted telephony services, you can experience significant improvements in the overall efficiency and productivity. The low cost of implementation and maintenance make the benefits offered by these systems even more lucrative. With all these advantages, the hosted telephony solutions are indeed the best choice for the contemporary businesses that want to explore the new areas and target markets using technology based tools.