dbrand: A Social Media Master

In the modern world social media is an important step for any company to outreach to the public. With consumers consistently reaching out for support on either a support page or even the brands main social page, a timely response on the part of a company is key. A brand that has always caught my attention in recent years is dbrand, a manufacturer of Vinyl skins/wraps for tech products.

The way that dbrand markets themselves to the public is unique compared to many other social brands. They typically have quirks like referring to themselves as not human, as if the social page is ran by a robot. Their tone is very sassy and sometimes harsh to the general public. Somewhat similar to the way that Wendy’s social team responds to people on twitter. Some examples of dbrands responses are below.

Their humor is crass, and their marketing is sporadic yet their core fan base seems to thrive on the content. Exampled in the photos above show times when they increased all their products prices by 200% because a twitter poll they held had the Patriots winning the Super Bowl. If the polls prediction would’ve been correct all products would’ve been put half off. Also exampled above is them referring to their customers as humans, a dbrand trademark, and them promoting a skin for a phone that hasn’t been announced yet.

dbrand has also recently announced the first phone case that they have ever made in an Indiegogo campaign, of which I have purchased one of for my phone. The predicted ship time of the product isn’t until March, so I decided to send out a quick tweet to dbrand about my impatience for the product. (Seen in the bottom right photo in the grouping above) Unfortunately I didn’t get a response back yet, probably due to the turn around time it takes due the recent posting, and the fact that I didn’t tweet at them with an immediate concern. Still I look forward to seeing how they handle their channel in the future and if they get back to me in the next few days. If so I will surely update this post.