Adobe Premiere First Edit - Senior Trip 2016

In a world of chalked full of video editing wizards and gurus my skills pale in comparison. However, in the short time that I did have to learn and practice my editing chops I feel a lot more confident. Above is my roughly minute and a half creation from footage from my high school senior trip. It was shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone in 4k resolution. (So if your watching on a capable screen, turn up that resolution on YouTube’s setting button!) All of which I edited in Adobe Premiere Pro 2017.

While most computers either come with or can easily install free video editors like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, the next step up into the professional realm requires a slightly more complex breed. While I used Adobe Premiere there is also the Mac editor Final Cut Pro, that I also practiced on for a bit. Both of these pieces of software are great to edit professional style video.

As you can see above, my Premiere timeline is that of a beginner yet still contains multiple clips, transition effects, title sequences, background music, and more. This is just a glimpse into the numerous tools and features that a program like Premiere packs when in goes to work.

When I started this class project my first step was to create a story board as to map out my progress. As seen below my story board shows a sketch of all of the clips that I wanted to include into the video in the roughly minute and thirty second time frame that I had. Along with that it also contains what cuts I wanted to use and a general description of what would go on in that clip.

The whole video editing process was very interesting and if I learned that it’s always important to have a lot of footage to widdle down from to create your final video! I encourage anybody with a computer and some spare time to try and create their own masterpiece! Even if it takes a couple tries.

Thanks for reading!

-Evan LaVigne

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