Panel Report — Applications 2

Blink UX Summary

The ideation process described by Jake Fleisher was eerily similar to the process that we discussed within our own studio section. During the ideation sprint deliverable the question of whether or not professional UX/product designers used sketching as a way of brainstorming quickly arose in my head and Jake basically provided the answer. It was very interesting to see how even within a professional environment where designers are working on projects involving real life UX problems and solutions that drawing and ideating quickly and vastly is one of the most important steps to reaching a final design.

User Research

Katie Derthick’s presentation on user research and her personal dissertation was fascinating. I had never really thought of the impact that religion can play on technology and its use especially not from the standpoint of designing for particular religious communities. Another good takeaway from Katie’s presentation was using observation as a two way street. Yes user research can help to design for a specific community but it can also help design for other similar communities or completely different ones. Expanding your knowledge can never hurt the ability to design, only help it.


Reflecting a little on my own work now after these presentations I do believe that there is some room for growth especially in terms of my user research. When Katie talked about her own user research a lot of the focus was on maintaining impartiality throughout the process. She didn’t want to skew the results of her research by coming into the observation with any predispositions of how people should use technology or how the results would turn out. Expectations of outcome were a major issue I saw in my own user research as I came into the observation with preset practices to observe becuase I thought it would be difficult to identify them naturally throughout the observation.

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