Self-employment (the honeymoon phase)

It’s been 35 days since I left my job and dived into the abyss of “self-employment”. I placed self-employment in quotation marks because I’m using the term a little loosely. I mean, would you call a few different ideas floating around in your head self-employment? Probably not. Yet, here I am, rolling with the punches and trying to create a life for myself that doesn’t revolve around the idea of trading time for money.

The first two weeks:

This will be brief — these were easy. I wanted to do as little as possible. I wanted…

My experience with goal setting and productivity hacks.

Growing up, I was taught that all you have to do is work hard and you will make it in life. Find a job, turn up every day, try and be early, do your best and progress will come.

For a long time that is what I did and it served me quite well. I progressed on the normal arc, worked my way up the pecking order in the company I worked for and was happy doing what I was doing.

But I still worried about money. I was working two jobs…

Evan Lee

I was an athlete for a while. Now, I’m trying to do other things. Website: Twitter: @_evanlee

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