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This is really disengenuous:

Moreover, it is not the job of any president to automatically call other nations ‘enemies’ and highlight their faults. It is nonetheless extremely common that this happens because keeping a citizenry frightened about supposed foreign enemies makes the people easy to control. If Trump can scale back international tensions we will all benefit — although I think he may well be stupid enough to have the exact opposite effect.

One does not need to automatically call Russia or anyone else an “enemy,” but refusing to acknowledge that bombing hospitals is “bad” and a “war crime” is not “just politics.” It borders on political ineptitude and violates the values Americans purportetly stands for. It’s incredibly cynical and insulting to everyone for you to presume that calling out bad behavior by nations and their leaders is intended to make our population “easy to control”. It’s intellectual bullshit.

As for scaling back “tensions”. Excuse me? Russia invaded Crimea and continues to interfer militarily in Eastern Ukraine. Applying sanctions were intended to punish Russia for committing these internationallly illegal acts.

Any “tensions” that exist are entirely the result of actions Putin chose to take and continues to take in Eastern Ukraine. Should we just accept those actions and remove the sanctions? Should we abandon the Ukraine and let Putin do what he chooses? That is what Putin wants from Trump. It will also likely embolden Putin to take similar steps in other former Soviet republics knowing that his patsy will do nothing.

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