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Yes I remember WMD in Iraq. The Bush administration took our intelligence and sexed it up. I was investigating the intelligence at the time for a project I was working on at work, and the Intelligence community did not have “High Confidence” in their findings. There were lots of could be, maybe, and might be’s. In fact, the NSA was reluctant to release any intelligence, but Cheny insisted. That’s how low their confidence was. The Bush administration insisted and then manipulated Congress into acting to serve his own interests.

As I said, the level of confidence an intelligence agency expresses is important.

As for, believe everything you hear? Come on, at some point you have to make an evaluation about whether it makes sense or not.

Are you honestly trying to say that Russia didn’t want Trump elected, and that they didn’t want to influence our election. Does that kind of assertion even make sense to you? Everything that Trump has done has proven to the Russians that Russia backed the right horse. Tapping Tillerson and Flynn? Russia is downright effusive about Trump’s Cabinet picks. Even today, during Congressional hearings Tillerson is carrying Russia’s water for them. He refuses to acknowledge very bad things about both Putin and the Russians more generally.

Keep in mind neither I nor the intelligence community argued that the Russians actually influenced the election. Just that they tried in a myriad number of ways, including misinformation and proaganda intended to undermine Clinton, undermine our faith in our democracy and to support Trump.

So, why do you feel the need to defend the Russians on this issue?

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