This has always been a war. Now we’re building an army.

Evan Weber

For as long as I’ve been alive, the earth has been under siege. It’s been a one-sided war that fossil fuel CEOs and their allies have fought against all of us — destroying our planet and risking our health and our futures just so the richest industry in the world could make another buck.

Over the past 40 years these executives have intentionally misled the public and bought off politicians of both parties — sowing doubt and consolidating a stranglehold on our politics. They helped create the conditions for a power hungry, corruptible, and unqualified man to become President of the United States, and have made lying through your teeth an official part of the Republican Party platform.

As a result, the most influential country in the world, and the largest historical contributor to climate change, today becomes a rogue nation by pulling out of the #ParisAgreement — the (insufficient, yet) biggest step the world has ever taken towards protecting ourselves and future generations from the ravages of climate change.

Now, we can expect more fires, more floods, more unnecessary deaths.

For their part, mainstream environmental groups, businesses, and foundations have spent the last 6 months and countless millions of dollars trying to persuade Trump to rethink his campaign promise to pull out of this agreement. You can see the results those investments of time and resources have yielded in today’s headlines…

Personally, I’m done trying to persuade immovable targets. I want real power and I want to win. I’m done being laid siege to in this one-sided war. It’s time for the people to build a truly formidable non-violent army, and actually fight back.

The way I see it, there are two paths forward to victory:

  1. Through the masses. We must win the hearts and minds of the public and make the climate crisis one of the most urgent political priorities our nation must wrestle with. We need bodies in the streets every day and our leaders on the evening news every night.
  2. Through the ballot box. We must oust the puppets of industry who accept legalized bribes to maintain their own power at our expense, and elect a new wave of elected officials with a conscience and a spine who are willing to stand up with us to protect our home, health, and future.

For my part, I plan to march where the two paths meet. If you’ve been waiting for your marching orders, now’s the time to take up arms. Our weapons are our creativity, our voices, and our bodies. Our shields are truth, love, and community. Using these will build a movement to win the people’s hearts, their minds, and their votes.

Together, we can unite across difference to stop the climate crisis, or we can face annihilation by those who seek to divide us.

This dark hour in America cannot last. We will not let it. We are the Sunrise Movement. The only question is…are you with us?

Evan Weber

Written by

hawai'i roots · nourished at @PunahouSchool & @wesleyan_U · transplanted to #DC · growing with @sunrisemvmt ·

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