So why do people call it problematic?

Blood Feast (1963)

I’m an all kinds-of-movies fan, but I have to admit, sometimes certain films are just too boring to watch. Nothing ruins a good day more than some heavy handed, button down drama movie made for elitist straight men and cisgender christian mothers. Sometimes people want to see some suspense, some flair, some comedy, maybe even some blood n’ guts. Follow that up with a solid ending and you’re heading home fufilled in life. Now, I’m a born and bred genre movie fan with a taste for things off the beaten path. I like…

A Love Letter to Home Video

At ninety days and counting since the pandemic news broke, it’s getting harder to imagine life back in the outdoors, going to movie theaters and restaurants comfortably. This is leaving a lot of people stuck at home with their own devices as company and entertainment. Movies for me, and a lot of others have been a great source of comfort and insight into where the collective headspace has been these past few months. I’ve enjoyed everything from comedies, zombie films and science fiction, to adorable animated movies that take your mind off everything. There’s…

If you stand before a mirror, how long until you begin to see things that aren’t actually there?

It’s true that most people think they have pretty good taste. After all, we all have needs that can be met with music, films, objects, and food amongst other things. We’re learning that especially as we all sit around our houses during this lockdown. We love these things so much to a point that they actually begin to change us and mold our identities, making a piece of art, or something you like almost directly associated with your core self. …

Maybe someday, crime and punishment won’t look the same. Or whatever.

Martin Scorsese on the red carpet

In the year 2019, the television and film industry looks a lot different than it did when I was born in the mid-nineties. There are fewer video stores, alternate theaters, and I haven’t had cable in almost seven years. So how does this affect the industry and the kind of movies coming out and what does this mean for the studio blockbusters that still come out in droves? It means less space, and less room for independant cinema in the mainstream sphere. Which begs the question, what does come…

Jesus Christ, are those dog teeth?

Bela Lugosi as the Count in 1931

Many of us have had our eyes trained when watching films, to look for things. A feeling, an image, something to tie our thinking to a scene. So whenever there’s a dark and stormy castle off in the distance, we know that it can’t be a good omen for our main characters.

Dracula is exactly that, a story about peeling back layers of impending doom. He dances for most of the movie, charming and entertaining guests. Until everything takes a turn for the worse. Then, you wait for him to strike.

It’s an old…

Warning: You are about to enter a field of dangerously good cinema

John Huston (as Jake Hannaford) in The Other Side of the Wind

It’s that time of year once again, where Oscar buzz is in the air and writers begin to make their top _____ lists of 2018’s best movies. So no surprises here as to why I’m making a smaller, more intimate list of my own favorites. Per ushe, there were a lot of films that I enjoyed this year, but these ones listed below each had their own impact on me as a viewer. What I looked for was something emotionally unique, aesthetically original, and thematically relevant. It’s what…

“We need more pictures of Spiderman”

Hollywood has been making movies for theaters about as long as we’ve been manufacturing automobiles, refrigerators, and cans of soda pop. It’s a very old concept, the idea of going out to see something entertaining and expressive. Before the big screen, we’d watch actors on a stage reading lines and singing songs in frilly shirts or whatever Macbeth wears. Until 1888, when Louie Le Prince made a two second long short called Roundhay Garden Scene, marking the discovery of the motion picture. Hollywood soon followed up in 1910 with the D.W. …

David Gordon Green and Danny Mcbride fucking nailed it

Trust me when I say that I’m a big Halloween fan. It’s the most iconic horror film of my childhood (and possibly ever). It had everything: blood and guts, suspense, a cool soundtrack, and a production value most horror films couldn’t meet at the time. Over the years, this series has survived some self-inflicted stab wounds from other directors’ past attempts to recreate the magic of the original made in 1978. I’m happy to say this movie ignored literally all of that other bullshit. David Gordon Green and Danny Mcbride made…

“Wow, Goldblum was in this?”

Now here’s a movie with so much going on that it will be rehashed by nerds until the end of time. The Fly, much like other sci-fi creature features, has a plotline larger than the actors who play the roles. It’s all storytelling, despite the fact that the performances are dare I say out of this world. Re-touched in 1986 by David Cronenburg after the original version was adapted by Kurt Neumann in 1958, we see a scientist on the brink of losing everything.

Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle is down and out, he’s depressed…

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