Kathryn Haun Joins Coinbase Board of Directors
Juan Suarez

Im still waiting for help with the $400 in USD that has been pending since May 10th and I have had no response whatsoever after multiple attempts to contact coin base support. I desperately need that money for bills and as it sits my money has technically been stolen and I will unfortunately need to press criminal charges as well as file a lawsuit against yourself personally and your company if my stolen money or the ether that I sold is not returned to me by July 1st. I didn’t want it coming to this but I’ve been left with no choice as literally no one has made any attempt to contact me or made any effort in assisting me. I just want to use coinbase without worrying about losing my money because of a technical problem that should quickly and easily be solved the same day and when issues do arise I just hope that coin base sticks to their word about their efforts in being the most trustworthy platform and resolves significant issues like mine in a timely manner. Thank you and please help me! Coinbase Brian Armstrong Juan Suarez

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