#003/111 Days of Games: Bottle Flipping

We were waiting for slices after (freezing, wet) soccer.

Me: Is there a game we could play right now?

Sam: Bottle flipping.

Me: NO.

But then I thought about how fun it would be to make this:

So we ate our slices and sipped our waters to optimal partial-fullness. On the way home we stopped and did some flippin’. It was really fun and very hard!

Sam decided to pour some water into another bottle we happened to have that was better suited to the task. I noticed something similar watching him play soccer — that his strength is less about dogged persistence and hustle and more about strategic thinking and targeted action. His eyes dart around to the other players, he looks to the coach, he positions himself carefully — what needs to happen for us to win this thing?

Smart thinking, dude!

Victory. Next time, we’ll try a whole new level: the “cap flip”.