#011/111 Days of Games: Operation

Nerves of steel

The guy on the operating table’s name is Sam.

When I was a kid this game was a lot louder. Can anyone vouch for this? It was terrifying. I got it for Christmas at the age of four and burst into tears the first time I played. My parents put it away for the following year. Alas, I was not ready for the nerve-frying terror that is Operation.

Yes I admit it’s easy bait to get Teddy to play with me. Stay tuned this week as I coerce the bigger kids to play more.

This more modern version, procured at a stoop sale yesterday and decidedly uglier in design (like most games) than the one I remember, makes a sort of a rumbling whirr. It’s almost soothing. It’s lost its edge. Or else Teddy has nerves of steel.