What is the problem with telling people your goals?

People will not help you achieve your goals.

People can only help you achieve your dreams!

Goals can only be achieved through action.

But action alone will not lead to achieving your dreams.

You need some luck, and some help from people who believe in you to achieve your dreams.

Dreams are made up of all those little goals you create and conquer in your life, but dreams aren’t entirely linear and logical to understand.

If they were, they’d be goals.

My goals are currently to pack, and then to make my flight on time tomorrow.

There’s nothing people reading this can do to help me achieve these goals, because these are things I don’t need anyone else’s help to do.

So don’t go talking about things you plan on doing.

(your goals)

Talk about the things you’ve done, and where you hope they’ll take you.

(your dreams)

Your family and loved ones are the ones who need to hear about your goals. They will be the people to hold you to your word. Let them help.

Tell your dreams to people who will listen. You might just meet another encouraging believer. Let them help.

People might wish you the the best, but they won’t be calling to ask if you’ve done the laundry or if you’ve picked up your kids.

(If they offer, I’d say don’t let them help.)

Your true friends will help you achive your goals. With enough of them, you might achieve your dreams too.

I dream that U.S. drone assasinations will come to an end.

I dream that laws or technology will change to limit how easily it is for people to buy and use a firearm.

I dream that our prison system will release non-voilent drug offenders and use the money allocated for prison to pay for treatment.

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