My 8 Resolutions For 2018

NYC New Year’s Eve Festivities (2013)
“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”— Brad Paisley

I can hardly believe that a new year is coming upon us.

What felt like a long year surely was, though short as it may seem.

From fidget spinners to our new President, and from the ‘Invisible Box Challenge’ to the eradication of ISIS from Iraq, this year was filled with excitement and wonder with a hint of uncertainty.

I hope that next year that everyone will sort out differences, whether it political or personal, and find ways to solve their problems and help the United States and other countries to find and show peace.

Through a time of fear and constant warfare, we cannot let ourselves be attracted towards these kinds of intolerable action.

We must, through the strength of God, or the people, or whatever you may believe, pursue this kind of rebellion of hatred and ignorance to whatever is calling us to make these atrocious acts of violence and terror.

With that being said, here are my eight resolutions for 2018…

1. Become A Better Catholic

Nowadays, people are shunned upon if they say they are a Catholic. You know, the “Pope-lovin’, Mary-worshipin’, cult-like” denomination of Christianity. Even though we are not, I still want to be able to grow spiritually with my faith and my personal relationship with God. Growing even more religiously, I want to be able to live out a devout, religious life with Scripture reading, praying, reciting the Rosary, and practice many other Catholic-like duties.

2. Extrovert > Introvert

I have always been an introvert. Through my middle school years and currently into my junior year of high school, I have started to go out more and do more things with my friends and meet new people. I plan to further this socialization even more in the new year.

3. Lose Weight, Gain Happiness

While not trying to delve into personal matters, I have had some weight problems since I was in my early tweens. As I have said last year, I have tried numerous times to get it under control, but have failed to do so. This time, however, I will be pushing myself as hard as possible than I have ever done before.

4. Better In School, Greater In Life

This one is plain and simple with extra added devotion and studying, nonetheless. During my first semester of my junior year, I didn’t get the grade I had hoped for in PreCalculus. I know what I did to allow myself to have that grade, and I am looking forward to correcting it.

5. Read More, Write Better

I have been such an avid reader and “witty” writer even before I could remember. I used to read the text on cereal boxes when I was a least a toddler. Now 17, I have started to slack off as I have found other interests such as gaming and shooting… sports. As 2018 rolls in, I will be adding to my “intellectual arsenal of knowledge” and compose more short stories, whether it fictional or non-fictional, in order to be a better reader and writer.

6. Learn New Languages

With the help of Duolingo (as you’ll see in another article this month), I have been learning new languages that I have never thought I would be able to learn. I am currently learning Danish, as some of my ancestors were (especially my Nana //I love you!\\). I plan to learn other languages alongside Danish as well, such as Norwegian, Irish, and German. Through Duolingo’s fun interface, I am able to learn quickly through bite-sized lessons. I encourage you to try this app (it’s free!) and see for yourself the wonders of Duolingo can make for you!

7. Exercise God-given Rights

Constitutional rights, or as listed, “God-given rights,” are rights that are listed exclusively in the Constitution. This year I will specifically be focusing on the 1st/2nd Amendment as I will be turning 18 which will allow me to register to vote and legally purchase a gun (in my state of Kentucky). I will achieve a greater sense of political activism to further involve myself in the role of our government in society today.

8. Blog More With Medium

And to you, my watchers on the Medium platform (whether in 2018 or in the future), thanks for being able to listen to what I have to say, and for being such an awesome audience to publish my pieces to. I will never forget the way the Medium platform allows us, bloggers, to interact with our audience in a way that I, personally, have never seen before. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I will always remember this.

Have a blessed 2018!