Are we at a point when we need to look more towards tradition, or towards future possibilities
In Defense of Uselessness
Martin Rezny

Future possibilities are rather out of the question, since forgetting one’s past is the fastest way to repeat its failures.

The U.S. leadership belies your point on the question of age, for the leaders of the progressive movement are, on average, a generation older than the leaders of the conservative movement, e.g. Paul Ryan (most powerful Republican until Trump becomes President) is 46, and Nancy Pelosi (most powerful democrat once Obama steps out of office) is 76.

I also find it very cynical for everything that is not the incentivization of ethics to be the incentivisation of obedience, rather, we have a crisis of educational requirements to require more expenditure for individuals because public schooling was not enough education to be successful at finding a job. The crisis of education also spills over into the realm of politics whereby no one really knows what they want or even can do. The crisis is of such magnitude that media, the only way information is found by the deciding voter, cannot solve problems of its own creation (fake news, media bias, etc.), but education can.

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