I agree that the system has gone into a reckless mode.

I created a Google Document about how to do this: remove the Senate from the legislative equation (except for treaties, nominations and approval of newly sold debt), then divide the House of Representatives into three having one elected on lines of latitude with 29 open-party-ticket five member districts, one elected on lines of longitude with the same, and one made up of 145 in a nationally proportionate open-ticket-party-appointed election. These three chambers can then pass bills without consent in each one provided that any two have two-thirds consent for a bill or any one has unanimous consent for a bill.

This will of course only be passable as an amendment if there is a non-partisan preconditional national law on voter eligibility and registration clause that must be completed by Congress through the normal legislative process without any parliamentary tricks before this new chamber would convene.

Once this happens, basically it allows Congress to be internally competitive in who can pass bills fastest in order to grow popular prestige for their chamber rather than just have political parties compete against each other and subvert governance with procedurally allowed delays.