UBI is a fiduciary necessity in a world with decreasing labour
I’m not sure how much you’ve read on the topic of UBI, but there are three key assumptions in your…
Nathan Snyder

I find that patently untrue, do not worry, I agree with your other statements; I just come to a different conclusion with the same observations (plus some) (paraphrasing Darwin).

The answer cannot be UBI unless you are willing to admit that money can be created out of nothing by the government, and is thereby unstable per public perception, or you would be taxing everyone and hope you get enough revenue to cover UBI.

The answer lies in asset education, the historical norm (that could (as in will) work in the future) is teaching people how to buy and rent out houses, the future, should the government remain competent enough to protect property rights, will be patents and intellectual property that can be sold or exchanged.

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