As someone with a Mathematics and Computer Science background I see myself as somewhat analytical…
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I think I will debate your opinion, partly because I have the proper partisan pedigree to agree with conservative policies, and otherwise because I think this author has made some good points:

Trump should have just stayed with his tweet that the electoral college is genius because he has to win states instead of people, and that if the system were a popular vote, he would have campaigned differently.

Trump was wrong to start lying about being in the “majority”.

In any case, if he wanted to be in the majority, he should be in favor of compulsory voting and automatic registration, otherwise the “majority” will think that their votes don’t count, and therefore won’t feel the need to vote for someone who they think is guaranteed to win their state, Trump may have exceeded Hillary if more people voted in Texas, or just as a comparable percentage to the amount voting in California. Also, mandatory voting is the best way to remove the dead from the rolls.

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