little obvious consensus on what is needed in any society
In Defense of Uselessness
Martin Rezny

I was thinking that the new consensus developing in the United States is that debate on all new policies is the way of the future, hence, student Congresses.

There also seemed to be some growing consensus that either STEM or other utilitarian knowledge is what is needed in society.

Outside of those two things are just competing underlying concepts at the heart of stopping consensus: (1) that the state governments should lead education and be unaccountable to the federal government (thereby incentivising sectionalism whether or not the philosophy’s proponents admit it), (2) that the federal government should act as a watchdog against limited things like discrimination, (3) that the federal government should be able to give new directives to the schools thereby making consensus items automatic policy, (4) that no level of government should be very involved in education.

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