Far better that Congress establish broad standards and goals, and let the states execute.
There is increasing difficulty competently creating and administering any government program as its…
Rick Fischer

It may be better to put better priorities in place for the federal government and make sure the people know what isn’t a priority, by doing the hardest thing in the federal government, ending a program.

The first priority should be a Congress that people generally want. What I am thinking is that since the majority of people like their states more than the federal government, have the states choose half of the Senators. Since we all know that representatives are only changed because of redistricting, let us get rid of districting altogether, and have an endorsement system where 400,000 people (slightly less than the voting population of Wyoming) can each endorse one person for the position of a Representative, any less and they cannot be a Representative.

The second point would require having each state legislature have one Representative so the minimum would be 50 Representatives and the maximum would be 500, and so that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t take all of the seats in the House in the worst case scenario.

The second priority would be to make sure that no one can buy a federal office, which I have provided for in my feature article under my name.

The third priority would be to make the Presidency politically representative of the people, in this election cycle meaning that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would hold it since neither can get to 50%+1, but together they get at least 67%.

The fourth priority would be to set the taxation system into stone even if it were a progressive tax, and have the only other taxes Congress can levy be duties and excises.

The fifth priority would be to impose taxes or fees on all contracts based on their chance of failure in order to avert having 2008 again.

The sixth priority would be to finally state directly in the Constitution that punishments must fit the crime.

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