If the success can’t be mine but the cost of failure is still mine, count me out.
Haque’s first ten paragraphs detail his selection of economic, political and social ills, all of…
Rick Fischer

Of socialism:

Assuption 1: Each person’s success and failure must be redistributed.

Assumption 2: Socialism is good for the community.

Reality: People will fail 9/10 times when they start something.

This is an interesting concept that pounds a contradiction into socialism: if you allow each person’s success and failure to be redistributed among all members of the community, then you cannot allow anyone to fail because that would hurt the community, either your leader must say whether or not a project can start and he would bear responsibility (contradicting assumption 1), or the person would have to be kicked out of the community for failure (contradicting assumption 1), or the person would have to be stopped from trying again with everyone bearing responsibility for their actions and naturally resenting him (or her) (contradicts assumption 1 and 2).

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