Federal poverty programs, including Medicaid, total about $700 billion, a very far cry from the…

usdebtclock.org 5 minutes ago

Poverty programs are much more extensive than one would believe: $2,374,932900,000 is about half the cost of UBI.

There may be one way to pay for it, and that is because Credit Default Swaps are not currently being taxed, and their creation alone is worth 250% of our economy, tax those things at normal income tax rates and the government can pay off its debt in two years, then start funding substantial little people investments.

I am against UBI on societal concerns because with more money, more drugs and little girls will be able to be bought as well as insurrectionary forces trained, and UBI provides no covers for preventing abuse of funds like that, especially if the legal mandate is “everyone.”

I like your idea of public works and the guaranteed provision of a job because a job is the best way to keep people off the streets and prevent them from having time to train for opposition to nonradical political agendas in government.