Analysing the social media voices of the UK’s EU referendum
Dr Vyacheslav Polonski

Well, given the fact that a democratically elected government is really more important than money, it would make more sense to leave the EU.

Within the EU, only the EMPs are elected there, everyone else is a political appointee (i.e. hack) or head of their government (so they have to make time to do their job within their own country as well).

The EU parliament is not able to make laws, they can only amend the laws that the Commission (i.e. most of the stated political hacks) makes.

Germany basically has total control over the EU, to the extent that they get to mandate austerity measures on countries that they should never have given loans to.

Finally, the Euro was not fixed to actually be based on anything even after 2008 allowing it to swing wildly, and EU inspection laws were possibly designed with the interests of companies like VW (emissions, etc.), rather than, say, the fisheries of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.