Gun violence is an epidemic in the United States.
How We Need to Act on Gun Control…
Andy Zhang


Guns aren’t killing people all by themselves (which would be the only reason you would conceivably blame the gun or the manufacturer)!

You do realize that what Hillary Clinton calls “gun violence” includes suicides? Of which, she sponsored a bill for physician-assisted suicide, so, if suicide is the problem, the blame falls squarely on her shoulders.

You do realize that the only way you can take a person’s gun away systematically, you yourself (or the extra police officers you hire) must use a gun?

You do realize that guns can be made out of anything? Case in point, these guns were made in prisons:

You do realize that the Orlando shooter could have killed as many people with a knife and with the AR-15 (Armalite Rifle, one shot per trigger pull, .223 bullets), given that no one opposed him?

You do realize that in the latest attack in Paris, the killer drove a van at high speed and killed ~40 people with it?

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